Posted : 8 years ago

Claire Danes has a swing in her apartment. “My parents had a swing, a trapeze and a trampoline in their apartment, I was inspired by that”

Jennifer Love Hewitt sent Matt Damon an inflatable bed because she read he didn’t feel like he has a bed of his own. She never heard back and now, he “looks at me a little weird”.

Keira Knightley was Queen Amidala’s decoy in Star Wars: Episode 1 though the film was promoted as if Natalie Portman played both roles.

Even though she appears in ads for Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star fragrances, Beyonce is reportedly allergic to perfume.

When he was little, Ben Affleck asked his mom for a dog and she tested him by making him walk an imaginary pup for a week. In the end, he only lasted five days and didn’t get the dog.

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Posted : 8 years ago

Early in her career, Whitney Houston sang the jingle used in commercials for Bounce fabric sheets.

Eva Longoria starred in the 2004 flick Carlita’s Secret, a crime drama in which she shared a same-sex smooch with actress Maria Bravo. “It was the most fun I’ve ever had kissing somebody”.

Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey began his career as a juggling unicycle-riding clown.

In 1985, a four year old Alicia Keys appeared on The Cosby Show as one of the guests at Rudy’s slumber party.

Mariah Carey was nicknamed “Mirage” in high school because she never showed up for class.

Posted : 9 years ago

FACT : After Drew Barrymore did a 1995 Playboy spread, Steven Spielberg sent a note that said “cover yourself up”, plus a quilt and altered copy of the magazine showing her fully clothed.

FACT : Richard Gere played Danny Zuko in a London production of Grease in the 1970s

FACT : New Kid on the Block Danny Wood used to date Halle Berry, they broke up because the band thought she was a groupie.

FACT : Jim Carrey wore tap shoes to bed in case his parents needed a little laughter in the middle of the night.

FACT : Gwen Stefani admits that she’s had only two boyfriends in her life: No Doubt band mate Tony Kanal and husband Gavin Rossdale.