Posted : 5 years ago

A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.

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Posted : 5 years ago

A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

Posted : 7 years ago

A Goldfish’s attention span is three seconds

Animals that lay eggs don’t have belly buttons

Beavers can hold their breathe for 45 minutes under water

Slugs have 4 noses

Camels have 3 eyelids

Posted : 8 years ago

Sharks and rays also share the same kind of skin: instead of scales, they have small tooth-like spikes called dentils. The spikes are so sharp that shark skin has long been used as sandpaper.

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 50cm (20 in) tongue.

A snail has two pairs of tentacles on its head. One pair is longer than the other and houses the eyes. The shorter pair is used for smelling and feeling its way around.

A group of geese on the ground is a gaggle – a group of geese in the air is a skein.

The sailfish is the fastest swimmer, reaching 109 km/h (68 mph).

Posted : 8 years ago

An annoyed camel will spit at a person.

The giant squid has the biggest eyes of any animal: its eyes measure 40 cm (16 in) in diameter.

Fish and insects do not have eyelids – their eyes are protected by a hardened lens.

Domestic cats purr at about 26 cycles per second, the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.

Mammals are the only animals with flaps around the ears.

Posted : 9 years ago

Three quarters of fish caught are eaten – the rest is used to make things such as glue, soap, margarine and fertilizer.

Wine is sold in tinted bottles because wine spoils when exposed to light.

Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta, Georgia by Dr. John S. Pemberton in 1886.

An ounce of chocolate contains about 20 mg of caffeine.

Over the last 40 years food production actually increased faster than population.