Posted : 7 years ago

Theodore Roosevelt was the only U.S. president to deliver an inaugural address without using the word “I”.

The first and only president to name his son George Washington was John Quincy Adams.

Franklin Pierce was the first United States’ president to decorate an official White House Christmas tree.

Herbert Hoover was the first president to have a telephone on his desk.

President William Taft kept a cow on the White House lawn to supply him with fresh milk. He was the last president to do so.

Elizabeth Ballou Garfield was the first mother of a president to witness her son’s, James Garfield, inauguration. His first act after inauguration was to kiss her.

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Posted : 8 years ago

The first president to have been chosen by the House of Representatives was Thomas Jefferson (ties between him and Aaron Burr).

The last president to not attend college was Harry Truman. Regardless, there is a college named after him, in Chicago, Illinois.

The Star-Spangled Banner was chosen as the U.S.’s national anthem while Herbert Hoover was president.

Andrew Johnson was also the only former president elected to the U.S. Senate.

Millard Fillmore’s wife Abigail was the first one to set up the White House Library.